Stand Up Paddle Boards


tahoe-grom-smTAHOE - 9' Grom
MSRP: $650.00 

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9' L x 26" W / 16 lbs.

Who says Mom and Dad should have all the fun? The all new design “GROM” touring board for kids features a soft top deck for increased comfort and safety.  The stability and lightness of the GROM is perfect for those looking to get the whole family on the water. Fully equipped with deck plugs and displacement hull, this board is ready to go the distance with room for extra gear. Recommended for kids ages 6-14, the GROM will keep your family connected on and off the water.

tahoe-rubicon-smTAHOE - 12' Rubicon
MSRP: $1299.00 

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12' L x 30" W / 31 lbs.

A board inspired by the Rubicon Trail, a 22-mile rugged backcountry trail located in the Sierra Nevada Range. The Rubicon features a more versatile gear attachment system, making it easy to load for those extra long adventures. The Rubicon is an “all water” workhorse designed with functionality in mind. It truly is the SUV of SUP.

tahoe-bliss-smTAHOE - 12'6" Bliss
MSRP: $1,799.00 

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12' 6" L x 28" W / 24 lbs.

“Bliss- A state of profound spiritual satisfaction, happiness or joy.” The Bliss is made with the female paddler in mind. It is narrower, lighter weight and designed as easy-to-use board for women to maneuver on and off the water. Built with sustainable Bamboo Technology and adorned with serene imagery, the Bliss both inspires and calms the mind. Although we cannot guarantee enlightenment, we promise the Bliss will get you started on your journey.

tahoe-zephyr-smTAHOE - 12'6 and 14' Zephyr
MSRP: $1,799.00 / $1,899.00

Sold Out

12' 6" L x 29.5" W / 28 lbs.
14' L x 29" W / 30 lbs.

Inspired by the Greek God of the west wind and the pristine Lake Tahoe Cove that share its name, the Zephyr is the perfect balance of performance and functionality. A touring board designed for the adventurer and explorer in all of us, the Zephyr’s increased volume and speed allow for reaching places a little further out. Built with sustainable Bamboo Technology and a fresh color, the Zephyr will turn heads on and off the water.

tahoe-thunderbird-smTAHOE - 12.6" Thunderbird
MSRP: $2299.00 

1 Demo Available $1500

12'6" L x 28" W / 23 lbs.

Built following the tradition of the American Icon that shares its name, the Thunderbird is reborn an extremely light race board with a modern twist on a classic style. With its cutting edge nose, tail and hull design, the Thunderbird is built for speed. The sleek and classic T-Bird stylized grooves deliver extra rigidity and the square tail gives the board added stability.