Paddles for Stand Up Paddle Boards


PADDLES - Imagine, Kialoa, Mitchell, and Tahoe paddles for all types of paddling conditions.

We carry a variety of different paddles that are adjustable or can be cut to length. Your paddle is your direct connection to the water and you will log thousands of strokes on your average excursion. Let us help you find the right paddle that fits you and your needs.

Helpful hint: Add 6"-8” to your overall height for surf and 8”-10” for flat water to find the ideal paddle length. These are just general rules and may vary depending on usage and your boards dimensions.



IMAGINE - Rapier Adjustable  MSRP: $169.95

Imagine's Rapier paddle offers the best of all worlds. A traditional raked blade that’s strong and light, yet inexpensive. Adjustable in length in just seconds, the same paddle can be used for surfing or fitness training and racing. It comes with an extra blade so the T Grip can be removed and it can be used like a kayak paddle. The Rapier is available in 1-piece or 3-piece.



KIALOA's IKAIKA Series draws its strength from revolutionary Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRT®) technology which adds the performance benefits of carbon and glass fibers to the strength of thermoplastic polymers, creating amazingly lightweight yet virtually indestructible paddles at an incredible price.

KIALOA - Pupu    MSRP: $149.00

The Pupu is the foundation of KIALOA’s IKAIKA™ Series of SUP paddles. The Pupu is the perfect paddle to whet the appetite of recreational standup paddlers.

KIALOA - Hapa    MSRP: $199.00

The Hapa is the perfect blend of strength, weight and value for any paddler. The Hapa is available with two blade sizes. The Large has a width of 8 3/4 inches and the Small is 7 1/2inches.

KIALOA - LauLau    MSRP: $259.00


The Lau Lau is the ultimate in durability and performance for those who demand the most from their paddle. The Lau Lau is available in two blade sizes. The small has a width of 7 1/2 inches and the large is 8 3/4 inches.

Kialoa's FULL CARBON Series paddles are still the ones to have when only the best will do. Engineered with an ideal strength-to-weight ratio to perform for our top athletes, each paddle features an ovalized tapered carbon shaft, a carbon PowerARC™ blade design with a10-degree bend and a carbon Ergo-T. With each stroke you will feel a clean sharp catch and energy efficient stiffness to power you through the water.

KIALOA - Methane MSRP: $339.00


The Methane is our best selling paddle for surf. If charging the local surf break is your thing, then the Methane is the stand up paddle for you. Inspired by surfboard shaper Blane "Methane" Chambers, the 8" wide blade is perfect for quick starts and turns necessary for maneuvering an SUP board in the surf.

KIALOA - Pipes    MSRP: $339.00


Women aren’t decorations in the line-up and we're taking our fair share of the waves. The Pipes is KIALOA’s women’s-specific SUP paddle featuring a smaller blade. It is light, lithe and quick with a narrow profile that better matches the female paddler.

KIALOA - Shakapu    MSRP: $339.00


Versatile, like legendary waterman Mel Puu, the Shaka Puu will serve you well in all SUP disciplines: distance racing, surfing, and fitness paddling. It features a larger blade that better fits the male paddler.

Kialoa's Adjustable Pupu 

KIALOA - Pupu Adjustable (adult size)
MSRP: $199.00      


This paddle features the revolutionary LeverLock® adjustable system. A lever integrated into the Ergo-Palm grip makes this system as sleek as it is simple. Just open the lever, find your height on the graph, line up the center line with the arrows, and firmly close the lever. The Pupu Adjustable is the perfect paddle when you want to adjust on the fly or share with a friend.




For over thirty years, Mitchell Paddles has been at the forefront of paddle design. From our beautiful wooden paddles to our composites and hybrids, the Mitchell family has infused their experience as whitewater champions into their first- class paddles. With years of professional woodworking skills, David Mitchell has passed along his knowledge of the craft to his son Peter Mitchell who is continuing the tradition of hand-crafting the finest paddles in the world. Paddlers with a discerning taste for quality and craftsmanship choose Mitchell Paddles.



TAHOE - Carbon    MSRP: $339.95

With a 11-degree bend and a elliptical carbon shaft, this Carbon paddle is for high-performance touring. The carbon covered foam blade is very ultralight and stiff for balanced swing weight and excellent power transfer. This paddle is available in lengths between 76-inches and 86-inches.